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Greeting speech of Rector of University of Tirana

Prof. Dr. Dhori Kule
Dear participants. Dear Minister, and all you headers and representatives of religious communities. His excellency ambassador and all representatives of a atached embassies in Albania. Dear rectors of Albanian and albanian-speaking univeristies. From Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. Dear researchers and scholars from different countries around the world, that are today present in this international conference. Dear friends and invited people, I am here to give you my thanks that accepted our invitation to be today here in this international scientific conference. It’s a great privilege for me, as the rector of University of Tirana, to acknowledge the partakers, by showing them that we are found now, perhaps in the appropriate place, in a time that cannot be only the appropriate one. We are found now in a scientific place, in which we are trying know each other better, in order to expand the good by knowing how to improve ourselves from a global perspective view. We live all in a time that the religious diversity has been the munition that has filled our army and detestation guns, but in a place like Albania, where the extraordinary diversity, in this part of the globe, it has taken the role of the cultural crown that includes the different, so improves and developes. We live in a country that religious diversity has produced the coexistence, as a model for the region and wider, by conversing in an example that may serve to the region as a project for peace. Diversity for us is a really fortune. We live in a time when hot minds may harry in taking the guns in their hands, but in the same time, full and cold minds may cool the passions, by showing what is true and what is not with their fingers, by bearing witness that we have not any other possibility for peace, except dialogue.

Albania is a small country. Approximately in second part of the twentieth century, it was an island of an absurd Communism, in the first part it has been throttled by the bog of poverty and undevelopment. Today that is a country with a body that grows up speedy, that challenges the past by running toward the future. Albania, as I told above, has the possesion of the emerald in that crown. It is a country populated by three official religions, Muslim, Christian, the last Chatolic and Orthodox. They are clasping their hands with each other, live in the same are, by chesting all the difficulties and happiness, without asking to each other without asking to which of the beliefs they belong. How has happened something like this? I would not dare to give such a consideration in a medium where most of you are honoured scientists. I know, but also enjoy that as a gift from God, like the sun, air and water, because in Albania, I don’t want in any manner make any blasphemy, all three religions are the sacred albanian trinity, that compose one the essences of this country. Honoured friends, most of you will refer to the experiences of Fethullah Gulen, an intellectual with a characteristic spiritual charisma. It will be talked for his messages for binding the religious belief with scientific education, with the only aim, the developing of a better world. Im very glad to prove, more than a stone in the way to global peace, understanding and coexistence. I want to congratulate this conference, by thanking you for the attention that you showed.