Call for paper


Fethullah Gülen Experience as a Model and Interfaith Harmony in Albania

Dt: 25-26 March 2011

The Albanian Ministry of Culture, University of Tirana Albania, University of Fatih Turkey, Prizmi Dialog Center are organizing an international symposium on a view of religious, cultural and social diversity in Balkans by global perspective, the global experience of Fethullah Gulen and interfaith harmony in Albania.

 Symposium Themes

The following themes suggest the range of possible issues that authors are invited to address. These are neither definitive nor exhaustive:
* Religious tolerance in Albania as the value of modern civilization
* Historical overview of religious tolerance in Albania
* Balkan’s tolerance experience and religious and cultural dialogue
* Gülen’s view on the role of education of values
* Gülen’s view on the accept of another and human coexistence
* Gülen’s view on moral values versus consumption
* Gülen’s view on the family as a value unit
* Gülen’s view on interfaith dialogue as a factor for peace
* Intercultural dialogue as a bridge of cooperation and solidarity
* Gülen’s view on facing the challenges of globalization
* Philosophical Basis and humanistic thought of Gülen in philosophical and humanistic traditions
* Gülen’s view on freedom of conscience as a factor of intercultural dialogue

The Editorial Board is especially interested to the contributions regarding the following topics:

* Parallel between Balkan and Albanian experience on perspective of Gülen’s thought
* Religious and intercultural dialogue in the context of globalization
* Individual, spiritual world in front of local and global developments in the opinion of Gülen
* Humanism, education, family in front of modernity and global crisis
* Albanian Experience
* Dialogue Experience in the Balkans
* Education
* Art of Coexistence
* Family and Education
* Spirituality and Morality
* Interreligious, Intercultural and Intercivilization Dialogue
* Religious and Social Dialogue as a Project of Civilization
* Call of Dialogue on the Front of Modernity and Global Crisis
* Globalization: Opportunities and Challenges
* Universal Footprints of Gülen; Conceptual, Philosophical and Human Basis

* Lecturers from the Balkans would be appropriate to prepare a paper in which to present the experience of interfaith and intercultural dialogue in their respective countries.

Submission and Publication Guidelines
The authors should submit an abstract (approximately 250 words) and biography (approximately 150 words) to the symposium coordinator by February 15, 2011. The editorial committee will review the abstracts and respond to the submitters by February 22, 2011. The authors should submit papers of minimum 3000 and maximum 6000 words to the symposium coordinator by March 5, 2011. Abstracts and papers must be presented in English and in electronic format compatible with MS Word. The symposium organizers reserve the right to remove from the proposed program papers not received by the published deadlines or that fail to respond to the comments of the editorial board. The accepted papers will be published on the symposium web page and as symposium proceedings. The coverage of the symposium will be publicized on the related web page

Venue, travel and accommodation
Symposium will be held in Tirana, Albania. Information regarding lodging, travel and venues will be provided at the symposium website.
Travel and accommodation expenses of the invited presenters including airport pickups, meals, and organized sightseeing trips will be met by the organizing committee. Please inquire for scholarships for non-presenting participation.