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Greeting Speech of Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth And Sports

Dr. Ferdinand Xhaferi
The presence in the opening of the work at the symposium titled “A view on the religious, cultural and social diversity in Balkans from a global point of view” is first of all a honour and a privilege for me, as a Minister of Turism, Culture, Youth and Sports, because as participating in such intellectual organizations, is a great and indispensable possibility for unfolding and esteeming all that virtue that defines my nation and all my citizens, for their inalienable religious harmony and coexistence that exists by becoming a heritage from a generation to the other in our motherland.
Interreligious harmony in Albania is not an unique event, but also an inalienable and very exponential value for our nation. We have always believed in the importance of the retention and consolidation of this very identifying property for the Albanians in every generation, as that already comes as an integrating value in our great Europian family. Albania is today appreciated by the all worldwide opinion as one of the rarest people in the world, where the interreligious diversity has been, and continues to be one the greatest heritages of our nation and, it has never happened any religious conflict in our country. Thus, that what makes us glad is the fact that the interreligious harmony and coexistence serves as an example not only for the region, but also for all the worldwide opinion. Only referring to the periods where our society has arrived nowadays, we believe that peaceful dialogue and coexistence between societies that bear different religious beliefs, ethnic and cultural descents, in the region of Balkan, carries characteristic and unique values and importance, as the unique manner for a better future, with a well developed prosperity for the region.
This platform, from where I am given the possibility to talk to all you, in this very not usual and important activity, where a very great place is given to the researches made on the opera of famous Turkish intellectual and thinker, Fethullah Gulen, stimulates me to show my own opinion on the great work of this worldwide figure, whom I would consider as the opera of humankind. This persuasion has come into being and is nourished in my conscience from the messages that them carry: “The interreligious dialogue is nowadays a necessity by being the first step in its institutionalization, is the forgetting of past, ignoring of polemic arguments and giving priority to the common points, which will throw all the non-numerical polemics.” In our times, when religious and cultural problems are arising highly, by becoming serious problems of global security, Albania is serving a very representative example for the region, Europe and so on, so, we, as Ministry of Culture are very glad that were capable of helping the organization of this conference.