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Greeting Speech of Member of Board of Trustees, Fatih University

Mr. Mustafa Ozcan
Honorable Minister of Culture, Rector of University of Tirana, precious spiritual leaders, ambassadors, academicians from different parts of the world, members of media and dear attendants, I greet all of you with respect. Throughout the history, original ideas and ideas that value human on the common basis of humanity have gained importance due to social agitations and depressions. Under the circumstances we live in and the geography where hatred, enmity, ethical immoderations, ideological fights are highly practiced, Fethullah Gülen has attracted attentions of humanity by accepting everyone in their own positions on the basis of common human values and by giving importance to love, putting the qualities of human race in the first place. First in Turkey, on a regional scale, where all kinds of ethnic groups and ideological fights play an important role, later in the middle-Asia and the Balkans, and finally all over the world, he has showed the applicability of peace, justice and universal peace based on love and tolerance when faith, science and morality are handled according to human nature and self-being. Here , in this geography , the Balkans , Albania where multi-religious, multicultural and multi-ethical structures are practiced like an open laboratory , while wars and exterminating each other widely occur, we have witnessed how a new thought of justice , a new understanding of morality , a new culture of compromises, a new philosophy of life through the educational activities based on tolerance , accepting everyone in their own positions and understandings have contributed to the universal peace and we are still witnessing. For this reason, I thank honorable Minister of Culture, Rectory of University of Tirana, Prizmi Publishing House , Fatih University and everyone who has contributed to this international conference. I hope that all the scientific data and conceptual systematizations presented here in a scientific language by the academicians and scholars from different parts of the world will gain us new dimensions. I sincerely thank all the attendants with the belief that this concept will build common living areas where all humanity can compromise with each other based on universal peace, international tolerance and love.